Have you considered adding backsplashes to your home?

A backsplash is a creation that carries the two-fold task of protecting and beautifying your kitchen space and can be made of various materials. You'll have extensive customization options, so meeting your preferences and requirements is an easy task when you let us know the results you're looking for. Read along to find out more about how these options can change your entire kitchen for the better.

Your backsplash, your way

There are many ways to create the perfect kitchen backsplash, and we'll make sure you consider all your options. For instance, we'll find out how far up the wall you want to go with the materials and how wide you need it to be as well. The coverage area is almost always based on where you cook, where splashing and messes could be an issue for your wall, to protect against permanent stains, and more.

Décor matching is also essential, and you'll find formats that cater to any appearance option you have in mind. Wide-format tile, subway tile, and Moroccan designs are trending and match various design elements, as do metal materials and more. Personalizing the look you want is more important to us, so be sure to share your requirements.

Installation time can depend on several factors, including the size of the area where the materials will be placed and architectural considerations we'll have to consider. When you choose the perfect materials, we will quote a price and an installation time. For more details on your specific backsplash project, visit us today.

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We offer backsplash options you’ll love

When you choose Euflooria Flooring for your backsplashes, you'll find that we cater to your specific needs, no matter how customized and personal. Our product selection means you'll have access to extensive colors, formats, textures, and more, to create a space that is everything you want it to be, with just a few essential questions. So, let our associates know what you're looking to accomplish, and we can get started right away.

From our showroom in Las Vegas, NV, we serve residents from Las Vegas, NV, Spring Valley, NV, North Las Vegas, NV, && Summerlin South, NV. You’re invited to join us any time for service that is focused on creating your dream backsplashes wherever you need them. Whether you choose tile or peel and stick backsplash products, we'll ensure they do what you want them to do.